toxiclibs pumpkin function

Nikolaus Gradwohl2011-10-19T05:16:12+00:00

since helloween is comming nearer I made a processing sketch that generates a 3D pumpkin using the toxiclibs mesh builder. Generating a pumpkin-shape isn't very hard to do when using polar coordinates.

I use a sin of the phi angle to make the shape a litte bit more flat on top and bottom

and than i subtract the absolute of a sin of the tetha angle to generate the segments.

click here to start the sketch or download the sourcecode.

rotating pumpkin

Spikes and Bumps with Toxiclibs

Nikolaus Gradwohl2011-05-30T04:52:28+00:00

My next toxiclibs surfacebuilder experiment generates spikes and bumps on a spherical surface

click here to see it in action or download the code

spikes and bumps

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how to make a tentacle using processing and toxiclibs

Nikolaus Gradwohl2011-02-23T03:34:29+00:00

the Toxiclibs are a very interesting collection of processing libraries. One of the libraries is called volumeutils and allows to use a volumetric space to model a 3D object.

I used it to generate a tentacle and export it as a stl file to make it printable on my 3D-printer.

click here to see it live or download the source-code

tentacle tentacle 3D printed

In the setup method i define a volumetric space containing 100x100x100 voxel, a iso surface and a Triangle mesh (which is needed to display the object and export it later)

gfx = new ToxiclibsSupport(this);
VolumetricSpace volume = new VolumetricSpaceArray( new Vec3D(100,200,100), 100, 100, 100 );
IsoSurface surface = new ArrayIsoSurface( volume );
mesh = new TriangleMesh();
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