Volca M3

Nikolaus Gradwohl2014-04-23T05:38:38+02:00

This is a recording of a live session using the 3 Korg Volcas trying to put the volca keys settings to extremes and explore all possible sounds

volca m3 session


Nikolaus Gradwohl2014-04-22T09:22:57+02:00

This weekend I created the YesNoBot - a simple robot that is able to nod and shake its head.

I used two servo-motors a bunch of cablebinders, an arduino and a sheet of paper to create the bot. I wrote some build instruction after the video


The servos get tied together using two cable binders as shown in the image below. I also used two brackets to stabilize the lower servo a bit. The head is cut from a sheet of paper and sticked to the upper servo using sticky tape.

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fluffy spiral

Nikolaus Gradwohl2014-04-21T09:46:23+02:00

For this animation I created a spiral curve and turned into a mesh. Then I used a build modifier and a skin modifier to create the base mesh for the hair particles to grow on. Unfortunately the hair particles shift when the underlying mesh grows - hence the "slash hammer" effect

you can download the blend file here

fluffy spiral


Nikolaus Gradwohl2014-04-19T10:33:54+02:00

for this animation I used two build modifier and a skin modifier. I wanted to construct and deconstruct the structure, but I didn´t want to just reverse the rendered frames so I used one build modifier to create the structure and a second one thats running in reverse mode to deconstruct it. The second modifier starts at frame 200.

you can download the blend file here


lots of particles

Nikolaus Gradwohl2014-04-18T07:59:29+02:00

for this animation I used 150000 particles and the molecular addon by Jean-Francois Gallant

you can download the blend file here

lots of particles

blender fluid experiment

Nikolaus Gradwohl2014-04-17T08:10:27+02:00

I have created some animations using the fluid simulator in blender before but this experiment is the first one I really like. The material is a mixture of a glass node, a transparent node and a glossy node. The fluid was rendered with a resolution of 300 and a subdivision of 2. If you want to render it your self - be warned it takes some time.

you can download the blend file here


a new tree

Nikolaus Gradwohl2014-04-01T02:45:27+02:00

Since spring is here, I drew a new tree - this time using pencil, black ink and watercolor

a tree

Volca Trio Live Session

Nikolaus Gradwohl2014-03-20T03:10:30+01:00

I finally managed to get the last one of the volca trio :-) Here is my first live session using all three volca machines.

volca session

blender boolean intersect test

Nikolaus Gradwohl2014-03-19T03:30:14+01:00

For this animation I played with the boolean intersect modifier

you can download the blend file here


volca ardour3 jam

Nikolaus Gradwohl2014-03-17T17:56:12+01:00

I created a small chuck script that makes ardour jump to a marker using osc messages. These messages get triggered by the midi signals created by my launchpad mini. I also synced my volca bass to the track using midi-clock. Unfortunately ardour doesn´t send midi sync signals when playing in loop mode. So I created a midi track and sent the same note that my chuck script uses to trigger the "jump-to-marker-1" signal to create the loop.

The lower 5 glowing buttons control the mute state of the first 5 tracks.

you can download my chuck code after this video.

All the sounds except the drum loop have been created using a volca bass or a volca keys. The bass sequence is the same I used in my last blogpost only played slower.

volca jam

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