Volca Bass vs Yamaha B55

Nikolaus Gradwohl2014-11-25T06:46:42+01:00

Volca Bass vs Yamaha B55 - Analog gear from now meets analog gear from the late 70's

The session was recorded and mixed using Bitwig-studio.

volca bass vs b55

little pictureframe is watching you again

Nikolaus Gradwohl2014-11-23T17:52:33+01:00

3 years ago I created a processing script that creates eyes in various positions, that are running on a cheapo digital piture frame - (see here little picture frame is watching you)

I created a new processing script that generates a set of eyes with eyebrows


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Dreamicode – Coding Weekend für 10- bis 14-Jährige

Nikolaus Gradwohl2014-11-07T08:42:08+01:00

Franz Knipp - a good friend of mine - is teaching kids how to code AND he has chosen one of my tracks for his promo video :-)

also check out his website http://dreamicode.com/

SFZ to Multisample converter

Nikolaus Gradwohl2014-11-06T06:11:40+01:00

I have a lot of sfz samples on my harddisk but unfortunately the only sample format the internal sampler from bitwig studio can use is the built in multisample format. I played a bit with the fileformat and found that it´s a zip-container with all the wav-files and a xml file that describes how to map the samples to keyboard regions. Thats very similar to the structure of a sfz sample so I wrote a simple converter script in java that can be used to convert sfz to multisamples.

The program is far from perfect and I consider it more as a prototype than a final program - so be warned. I also haven´t implemented more advanced features like velocity zones or groups yet.

You can download the sourcecode from my github repository at


or a compiled version here: Sfz2Multisample-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

to use it open a terminal and start the program with the filename of the sfz file as a parameter

java -jar Sfz2Multisample-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar sfzfilename.sfz

the program then creates a multisample with the same name.

sfz 2 multisample

The Long Dawn - part II

Nikolaus Gradwohl2014-11-05T16:55:45+01:00

Part II of my song "the long dawn" recorded using bitwig-studio, a lauchpad and my mininova

the long dawn - Part II

metabubbles in red

Nikolaus Gradwohl2014-11-01T08:30:21+01:00

I made a new version of my metabubbles animation this time in red/orange/yellow - becaus helloween

metabubbles red edition

growing along an animated curve

Nikolaus Gradwohl2014-10-30T06:22:58+01:00

For this animation I used an array modifier and made it follow a curve. To make things more interesting I added some shapekeys to the curve and added a noise modifier to the animation

you can download the blend file here

growing along an animated curve


Nikolaus Gradwohl2014-10-29T08:24:25+01:00

I've been drawing again



Nikolaus Gradwohl2014-10-28T05:57:29+01:00

For this animation I used a particle system that uses a metaball as particle object. The metaball system has a material with an SSS shader. The only light source is placed above the particle emitter

you can download the blend file here



Nikolaus Gradwohl2014-10-26T17:50:53+01:00

I created a new playlist on soundcloud today, featuring some of my songs.