random walk

Nikolaus Gradwohl2014-12-17T06:52:09+01:00

I wrote a new processing sketch featuring a lonely bug doing a random walk and tracing its - aehm - trace

the screenshot was taken after about 1 minute random walking klick on the sketch to let a bug walk for you

random walk


Nikolaus Gradwohl2014-12-16T06:09:41+01:00

I played with the particle info node and used the velocity direction and magnitude to create the color of the boid particles for this animation

you can download the blend file here

stone boids

blocky ocean

Nikolaus Gradwohl2014-12-15T05:45:22+01:00

For this animation I used an ocean modifier and a remesh modifier to create the floating blocks

you can download the blend file here

blocky ocean

Volca Jam 2014-12-12

Nikolaus Gradwohl2014-12-12T20:59:38+01:00

I recorded a new jam session using my volcas, my kaospad mini, bitwig-studio and my launchpad.

The bass sequence was created using the stepsequencer in bitwig and is played on the volca keys. (dont let your self fool by the name, the keys can make really awesome basslines)

The arpegios are created using the volca bass and the kaospad mini. I used the bitwig arpeggio note effect and enter the notes using the launchpad.

volca jam 2014-12-12

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Nikolaus Gradwohl2014-12-12T05:39:00+01:00

for this animation I used a particle system and an ico spehere with a wireframe material as a collision object

you can download the blend file here


Passive Mixer for mv Volcas

Nikolaus Gradwohl2014-12-05T06:26:54+01:00

I have added a new gadget to my studio - eeeehm - desk, a passive mini mixer with 3 inputs for my volca synths. I´ve soldered together 4 mini 3.5 cm stereo jacks, 3 stereo potentiometers and 6 10kOhm resistors. Unfortunately I only had potentiometers laying around that need to be soldered to a circuit board to gain stability and they where really wobbly with my rats-nest cabling. So I used some sugru to keep them in place.

I also noticed that components that are upside down have their left and right side inverted :-/ so my knobs turn in the wrong direction now ... (just as a warning to others)

passive mini mixer

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Nikolaus Gradwohl2014-12-04T05:57:10+01:00

For this animation I used a displacement- and a remesh-modifier. The treshold and the oct tree values are animated slowly

you can download the blend file here


Volca Bass vs Yamaha B55

Nikolaus Gradwohl2014-11-25T06:46:42+01:00

Volca Bass vs Yamaha B55 - Analog gear from now meets analog gear from the late 70's

The session was recorded and mixed using Bitwig-studio.

volca bass vs b55

little pictureframe is watching you again

Nikolaus Gradwohl2014-11-23T17:52:33+01:00

3 years ago I created a processing script that creates eyes in various positions, that are running on a cheapo digital piture frame - (see here little picture frame is watching you)

I created a new processing script that generates a set of eyes with eyebrows


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Dreamicode – Coding Weekend für 10- bis 14-Jährige

Nikolaus Gradwohl2014-11-07T08:42:08+01:00

Franz Knipp - a good friend of mine - is teaching kids how to code AND he has chosen one of my tracks for his promo video :-)

also check out his website http://dreamicode.com/