particle density volumetric material

Nikolaus Gradwohl2017-02-23T07:43:08+01:00

I made a volumetric material in cycles based on particle density. The particle set I used is influenced by a turbulence force field. I used a small ico-sphere as a particle object and added an emission shader. I noticed a pretty noticable offset between the particles and the volume material that changes over time - I'm not sure yet where that offset comes from, but I think it still looks pretty.

you can download the blend file here

density volume material

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New Track: Day after Day

Nikolaus Gradwohl2017-02-21T06:23:32+01:00

I recorded a new Track "Day after Day"

This is the first Track I made in bitwig-studio 2 beta - I really like the new modulators - the main arpeggio was created by using a random value that modulates the octave of a polysynth

day after day

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hard edge displacement

Nikolaus Gradwohl2017-02-15T07:23:03+01:00

For this animation I used a displacement texture in a cycles material that has hard edges and a subdivision modifier set to adaptive mode. I used a voronoi texture in cell mode and also transformed the texture coordinates using a curve.

you can download the blend file here

displacement shift

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Volca Sample Live Jam

Nikolaus Gradwohl2017-02-14T05:03:16+01:00

I'm currently building a new set of samples for my volca sample and this is the first video jam of me using it. For the baseline I used 3 tracks and I programmed the same note sequence but transposed it on each slot - this way I don't need 3 storage slots on my volca to change the base chord. And I noticed that I need to practice a bit more :-)

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hexagon mesh

Nikolaus Gradwohl2017-02-10T08:49:09+01:00

I've installed the "Extra Objects" addon in blender a while ago and didn't pay it much attention - but yesterday I played with the meshes and immediately fell in love with the honeycomb mesh since I really like hexagonal structures - I extruded it with the "Solidify"-Modifier and twisted it around with the help of an empty and the "Simple Deform"-Modifier.

you can download the blend file here

hexagonal mesh

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animated displacement texture

Nikolaus Gradwohl2017-02-08T08:14:47+01:00

For this video I animated various displacement texture parameters of a cycles material

you can download the blend file here

displacement animation

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New Track: Pause and Reflect

Nikolaus Gradwohl2017-02-07T07:17:55+01:00

I recorded a new Track named "Pause and Reflect" - put on some headphones fetch yourself a cup of coffee, listen and enjoy

pause and reflect

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displacement texture bifurcation

Nikolaus Gradwohl2017-02-02T05:11:07+01:00

I played with animating the texture used in a displacement-node in a cycles render. In this animation I animated the turbulence factor of a Marble texture

you can download the blend file here

displacement bifurcation

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New Track: Arpeggio

Nikolaus Gradwohl2017-01-31T06:12:44+01:00

I recorded a new track in bitwig-studio. The main melody develops from multiple arpeggio motives playing against each other in a layered instrument - I mapped my LaunchControl to the macro controls of the layer instrument so I can blend and change the layers currently playing.


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Tale of a trs-midi-cable

Nikolaus Gradwohl2017-01-24T06:21:33+01:00

... or how i made my launchpad pro talk to my 0-coast via a trs-midi cable.

Recently some instruments and controllers started to use trs-jacks for midi instead of the traditional 5-pin Din jacks - which I really like - unfortunately there is no standard wiring for these midi-trs-jacks (yet?) so some vendors map the tip to pin 5 and the ring to pin 4 of the Din cable - some vendors do it the other way round :-/

I have a novation launchpad pro and a 0-coast sitting on my desk next to each other (see photo) and unfortunately novation and makeNoise used different mapping methods

So to make sure the two devices will be able to talk to each other I took a trs-cable and swapped the wires for tip and ring on one side now I have a special midi cable that allows the Launchpad to send midi data to the 0-coast and everybody is happy :-)

trs midi

launchpad pro and 0-Coast

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