surface - a short film made with blender

Nikolaus Gradwohl2012-03-07T18:11:54+00:00

I made a short film with blender based on my blender particle experiments

all animation, compositing and video-edition has been made using blender, the sound track was recorded using ableton live

surface screenshot

Animating Array Modifiers

Nikolaus Gradwohl2012-02-09T05:39:53+00:00

This is an animation using the blender array modifiers. I used 2 emties as control objects which get moved and twisted to bend and rotate the cubes

you can download the blend file here

a ghost made in blender

Face Distortion

Nikolaus Gradwohl2012-02-08T05:26:51+00:00

For this animation I animated the smooth-modifier and set it to very extreme values. This completely distroyes the cube mesh in very intresting ways. The animation took 11h to render on my box - with is by far the longest render-time I had using blender so far

you can download the blend file here

a ghost made in blender

Mole hills in blender with dynamic paint

Nikolaus Gradwohl2012-01-18T06:46:00+00:00

This animation was made using dynamic paint on a rectangular canvas. The brush is a invisible sphere that changes the weightpaint of a vertex group (used to remove the grass) and a displacement modifier (used to generate the mole hills).

you can download the blend file here

mole hills

raining cloud in blender

Nikolaus Gradwohl2012-01-13T21:23:55+00:00

I made a raining cloud in blender using a volumetric cloud and vector blur. I really like the comic look of the cloud and the rain particles.

You can download the blener file here

volumetric coud in blender

Blender Depth of Field Animation

Nikolaus Gradwohl2012-01-12T06:11:23+00:00

Today I made a video that animates the depth of field. The particles are generated using an array modifier and a displace modifier.

The dof effekt was rendered by animating the distance value of the camera between 2 and 40 and by adding a defocus-node in the node editor. fStop was set to 8 all other values are the default

you can download the blend file here

dof screenshot

fire breathing dragon in blender

Nikolaus Gradwohl2012-01-03T06:19:20+00:00

After watching the awsome "flame-thrower"-tutorial from I wanted to give the particle and smoke system a try. I modelled a very simple animation of a dragon instead of a flamethrower and I haven't added any fancy materials or compositing stuff yet. But I think the fire-effect is still very impressive

you can download my blender file here - but be warned - it takes a while to render.

here is a still form the animation, in case you can't watch the video


howto use svg for rigged 2D-animations in processing

Nikolaus Gradwohl2011-10-03T05:57:24+00:00

I played around a bit with svg-files and processing and learned that the PShape-Class is far more powerfull that it looks on the first glace.

This is a short tutorial that shows how I used Inkscape and Processing to make a simple rigged 2D-figure.


The code for the tutorial can be downloaded here

In processing loading and displaying svg-files is very easy. Just define a 'PShape' object and use 'loadShape' to fetch a svg-file. With the 'shape' command the graphic can be displayed in the window.

PShape boxes;

void setup() {
  boxes = loadShape( "boxes.svg" );

void draw() {
  shape( boxes, 0, 0 );

But when I looked at the source of the PShape class I learned that you can do far cooler stuff with these svg graphics. Every part of the svg graphics can be accessed by using the 'getChild'-method of the PShape class. So we could give the rectangles from the previous example a name and then hide them individually.

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Ninja vs Pirate - The Movie

Nikolaus Gradwohl2011-06-28T05:53:20+00:00

For my Day28 project I made a stopmotion animation using my ninja from Day4 and my Pirate from Day 7. I spent countless hours animating the figures, removing the needles from the images and making the soundtrack - but I really love the result.

the sword- and fistfighting sounds are created by "Sharp" and downloaded from

the ambient sounds are created by "Axeman" and downloaded from

The images where shot using a Nikon D40x and a tripod, the image processing was done in gimp and the sountrack was edited using ardour.

special thanks to 30DaysOfCreativity for putting "Ninja VS Pirate" on the inspiration calendar :-)

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Exploding Sphere Animation

Nikolaus Gradwohl2011-06-08T05:52:03+00:00

This animation is my Day8 project for 30daysofcreativity

This is a animation I made with processing and the hemesh-library. I generated the frames with the processing sketch and exported them using the saveFrame function. The sounds are created using PureData. The explosion is based on a patch from the book designing sound by Andy Farnell - a really really great book, everybody who is needs sound effects for videogames or films should read this book.

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