processing.js advent calender - door 9

Nikolaus Gradwohl2011-12-09T06:45:32+01:00

I just wrote door9 of my 2011 - Calender


processing.js advent calender - door 8

Nikolaus Gradwohl2011-12-08T07:52:08+01:00

I just wrote door8 of my 2011 - Calender


processing.js advent calender - door 7

Nikolaus Gradwohl2011-12-07T05:08:34+01:00

I just wrote door7 of my 2011 - Calender


processing.js advent calender - door 6

Nikolaus Gradwohl2011-12-06T05:01:12+01:00

I just wrote door6 of my 2011 - Calender


processing.js advent calender - door 5

Nikolaus Gradwohl2011-12-05T05:11:47+01:00

I just wrote door5 of my 2011 - Calender

try to solve the star-sliding-puzzle. When finished press any key to restart


processing.js advent calender - door 4

Nikolaus Gradwohl2011-12-04T08:30:09+01:00

I just wrote door4 of my 2011 - Calender

click on the sketch to move the shaking star


processing.js advent calender - door 3

Nikolaus Gradwohl2011-12-03T07:02:10+01:00

I just wrote door3 of my 2011 - Calender Its a particle engine similar to this sketch I was really impressed how far the compatibility between processing and processing.js goes, I can even use java.util.List in my sketch

Click on the sketch and move the mouse to sprinkl some glittering star dust


processing.js advent calender - door 2

Nikolaus Gradwohl2011-12-02T06:06:09+01:00

I just wrote door2 of my 2011 - Calender


processing.js advent calender - door 1

Nikolaus Gradwohl2011-12-01T20:36:57+01:00

This year I will make an advent-calender again. I will post one processing sketch every day.

I plan to use only processing.js this year, because I haven't yet used it very much and its a great opportunity to increase my processing.js skills

So this is door1 of my 2011 - Calender - more to come :-)


processing spiral explorer

Nikolaus Gradwohl2011-11-30T05:57:40+01:00

I made another processing sketch that lets you explore a parameter-space. This time the x-axis of the mouse movement is mapped to the radius of some ellipses that are placed along a spiral path - which can be controlled by the y-axis of the mouse movement

click here to start the sketch or download the sourcecode.

Click on the sketch and move the mouse to explore the parameter space

Spiral explorer