processing.js advent calender - door 3

Nikolaus Gradwohl2011-12-03T07:02:10+01:00

I just wrote door3 of my 2011 - Calender Its a particle engine similar to this sketch I was really impressed how far the compatibility between processing and processing.js goes, I can even use java.util.List in my sketch

Click on the sketch and move the mouse to sprinkl some glittering star dust


processing.js advent calender - door 2

Nikolaus Gradwohl2011-12-02T06:06:09+01:00

I just wrote door2 of my 2011 - Calender


processing.js advent calender - door 1

Nikolaus Gradwohl2011-12-01T20:36:57+01:00

This year I will make an advent-calender again. I will post one processing sketch every day.

I plan to use only processing.js this year, because I haven't yet used it very much and its a great opportunity to increase my processing.js skills

So this is door1 of my 2011 - Calender - more to come :-)


processing spiral explorer

Nikolaus Gradwohl2011-11-30T05:57:40+01:00

I made another processing sketch that lets you explore a parameter-space. This time the x-axis of the mouse movement is mapped to the radius of some ellipses that are placed along a spiral path - which can be controlled by the y-axis of the mouse movement

click here to start the sketch or download the sourcecode.

Click on the sketch and move the mouse to explore the parameter space

Spiral explorer

particle repellor in processing

Nikolaus Gradwohl2011-11-28T06:16:18+01:00

I wrote a processing sketch today that implements a particle system, where the particles are repelled by the position of the last mouseclick. Click on the sketch to move the repellor.

click here to start the sketch or download the sourcecode.

Particle Repellor

hexagonal abstract art generator

Nikolaus Gradwohl2011-11-27T09:34:48+01:00

I made another abstract art generator in processing. This time I use a hexagonal grid, fill one seed cell and then add random cells that touch the seed cell to generate a connected figure

click here to start the sketch or download the sourcecode.

click on the sketch to generate a new figure

hexagonal abstract art generator

Processing Multitouch Swarm Application

Nikolaus Gradwohl2011-11-26T08:48:31+01:00

multitouch swarm simulation

For this years company christmas party at hpc we handed a plushed toy to every customer that visited us, which was a donation for the St Anna Child Cancer Research Center

We had a Panda, a Sheep and a Rabbit. We tagged the animals with a barcode and for every animal we handed out we added one to the virtual playground on our multitouch table. Our visitors could search their animals using a barcode scanner. When a barcode was scanned the image was centered around the animal and it was paused for some seconds.

The swarm simulation is a processing app that uses the same alghorithm as a openframeworks demo app I wrote a year ago.

read more ...

The Timemachine

Nikolaus Gradwohl2011-11-23T06:18:14+01:00

Todays sketch features "The Timemachine" by H.G. Wells. I love the story and I love the idea of messing with the flow of events in a temporal context - so I downloaded the text from project-gutenberg and made a sketch that displays random lines of the text and then makes them fade into non-existense

click here to start the sketch or download the sourcecode.

The Timemachine

3D mushrooms in processing

Nikolaus Gradwohl2011-11-16T06:06:17+01:00

My mushroom-drawing from yesterday inspired me to do some 3D coding in processing again so I made a rotating 3D version of my purple mushrooms

click here to start the sketch or download the sourcecode.


colorchanging, pulsating tunnel-effect animation

Nikolaus Gradwohl2011-11-14T06:17:26+01:00

I made a pulsating, colorchanging tunnel-effect. Currently the pulse is generated using an Square-Animator from my animator library, but I think I will hook up minim to make it into an adui visualizer eventually

click here to start the sketch or download the sourcecode.

animated tunnel-effect