processing lissajou generator

Nikolaus Gradwohl2013-05-08T07:54:14+02:00

I wrote a processing lissajou form generator. I didnĀ“t use the usual connect the dots method but used two nested loops to connect every point to every other point. The line color, width and alpha is calculated from the distance of two points.

click on the sketch to create new forms.


processing ocean waves

Nikolaus Gradwohl2013-05-06T06:10:41+02:00

I created a processing sketch that simulates ocean waves using the noise() method Click on the sketch and move the mouse to rotate the view.

ocean waves

ttslib installation via the processing PDE

Nikolaus Gradwohl2013-03-16T09:56:14+01:00

Writing talking processing sketches just got a lot easier!

the ttslib just got added to the list of processing libraries that can be installed via the PDE!

So starting with processing 2 beta 7 you can install the ttslib by clicking on "Sketch -> Import Library ... -> Add Library". In the dialog that opens enter ttslib as a search filter and then click on the install button next to the ttslib entry.

curves abstract art generator

Nikolaus Gradwohl2013-03-07T06:52:18+01:00

I generated a new set of pictures for my living-room today. This time I created an abstract art generator that creates random curves and draws circles that follow them, I also made it choose a base color at random and create the colors in the HSB colorspace depending on the size of the curve

curves abstract art generator

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Nikolaus Gradwohl2013-02-14T08:47:39+01:00

I made another small processing sketch this one draws random curves

have fun


violet abstract art generator

Nikolaus Gradwohl2013-02-12T08:14:51+01:00

I generated new pictures for my living-room wall using a little processing sketch that generates random violet triangles.

violet aag

Here is the code I used to generate them if you want to create some for your living-room too

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blue waves

Nikolaus Gradwohl2013-01-24T06:36:54+01:00

I made another small processing sketch this one draws a ever changing, cool blue wave. Well not actually "ever" but with a very long period, so you probably get bored or fall asleep before you notice that the sequence repeats :-)

have fun

blue waves


Nikolaus Gradwohl2012-12-14T03:58:51+01:00

I just noticed that much time has passed since I posted my last completely useless processing sketch. So to change this I present you some random grey boxes, made with processing. (click on the image to see them in action)

have fun

random boxes

Processing TTSlib version 0.4 released

Nikolaus Gradwohl2012-11-25T06:39:39+01:00

I just released a new version of my processing freetts wraper

in this version I added two new speak methods that allow to choose the speaker the voice is coming from

tts.speak( "I am in the center" );
tts.speakLeft( "I am on the left" );
tts.speakRight( "I am on the right" );

go to the ttslib project page and download a copy. Installation works as usual by unzipping the file in your sketchbook/library folder.

yellow circles

Nikolaus Gradwohl2012-06-27T05:24:06+02:00

my day 27 project for 30DaysOfCreativity - yellow circles

written in processing-js (click on the image)

yellow circles