slow dancing spiral - part 2

Nikolaus Gradwohl2016-06-09T07:37:10+02:00

I modified the slow dancing sprial, that I've written in processing yesterday, a bit. I added a blurrines factor to the position of the dots that sit on a spiral. Now the spiral dissolves to complete chaos from time to time only to restructure itself short thereafter. The blurriness is also controlled by a noise function based on the frameCount but with a different time scaling than the rotation values. I've set the scaling factors to random float numbers that share little to no common factors to prevent the movements from becoming to periodic.

click here to start the sketch or download the sourcecode.

dancing spiral - part 2

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slow dancing spiral

Nikolaus Gradwohl2016-06-08T05:30:47+02:00

I used processing to draw a few thousand dots along a spiral in space that rotates slowly, never ending and mesmerizing. The rotation values and the height of the spiral is influenced by noise-fields.

click here to start the sketch or download the sourcecode.

dancing spiral

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processing noise patterns

Nikolaus Gradwohl2016-04-18T04:49:49+02:00

I used the processing noise function to generate random masks and added them on top of each other using the tint function. This creates some interesting camouflage patterns

click on the image to run them


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Green Desktop Image Generator

Nikolaus Gradwohl2016-03-24T06:58:46+01:00

I wrote a simple processing sketch today that allows me to generate green,noise-based, blocky, desktop-background images. So if you are in urgend need of one of those - like me - copy the code below and run it in processing :-)


you can also Download a hires version in case you are to lazy to run the code yourself

void setup() {
  colorMode(HSB, 255,255,255);

float s = 50;
void draw() {
  noiseSeed( frameCount );
  int wx = int(width/s);
  int wy = int(width/s);
  for( int x = 0; x<=wx; x++) {
    for( int y =0; y<=wy; y++) {
      fill( 50, 256, noise(x/2.0,y/2.0)*64+128);

void keyPressed() {
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recursive field

Nikolaus Gradwohl2016-02-04T09:24:44+01:00

I create a processing sketch that takes an area subdivides it into 9 sub-areas and then randomly fills them or calls it self recursively for the sub-area. This leads to quite interesting forms.

click on the image to run the sketch or see the source code

recursive field

processing blender integration - a first test

Nikolaus Gradwohl2016-01-20T06:19:41+01:00

A view days ago I found the java.blend library by Holger Machens, a java library that allows reading and creating .blend files from java. This opens a whole new range of possibilities for creating blender animations, importing scripted content or using blender to model stuff for interactive applications, and and and. And whats also really cool in my opinion it allows me to combine two of my favorite tools Blender and Processing.

processing blender

I have already ported one of the example programs that comes with java.blend to processing and so far the experiments look very promising.

What this example does is creating a new blend file containing a cube and saving it at "/tmp/copybuffer.blend" This file is used as the clipboard in blender. So when this file exists you can insert its content to the current blender scene simply by pasting it.

to run the code open the sketch in Processing 3, download the jar files from java.blend and drag them onto your script window. This creates a "code" folder for your sketch and adds the needed jars to the import path.

create the copybuffer

when you run the sketch and click on the window you create the copybuffer blend file and can paste it into your blender scene.

paste it in blender

Conclusion: A very interesting new tool - I'm pretty sure I will add more experiments integrating Processing and Blender in the near future - so stay tuned :-)


Nikolaus Gradwohl2015-08-20T06:37:26+02:00

I created a processing sketch that renders 18 pendulums with slightly different frequencies

click on the image to run them


connect the dots

Nikolaus Gradwohl2015-06-12T08:19:41+02:00

I created a new sketch in processing that renders some random moving dots and connects them when they are within a certain radius. Click on the image to run the sketch in your browser

connect the dots

parallax flowers

Nikolaus Gradwohl2015-05-19T06:46:41+02:00

I just downloaded the processing pre-release 3.0a8 and tested it with a bunch of parallax flowers - because spring

parallax flowers

hexagonal animated texture

Nikolaus Gradwohl2015-05-15T10:47:23+02:00

For this animation I used a similar technique as in my growing-texture animation. I created an image sequence in processing and used it as an animated image texture in blender. I used a transparent material everywhere the texture has a black pixel. The texture is also used as a displacement texture to make the hexagonal tiles better visible

The processing code is based on one of my abstract art generators I have written in processing

you can download the blend file here

hexagonal texture

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