new Pictures for my Livingroom

Nikolaus Gradwohl2013-12-16T08:15:18+00:00

I created a new set of pictures for my livingroom using a small processing script.

new pictures

The script generates a pattern of circles and saves it as a pdf files each time a key is pressed

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Processing Flowers for the livingroom

Nikolaus Gradwohl2013-10-16T10:03:48+00:00

I created another set of images to hang on my livingroom wall. Here is an example of the generated images and the code of the sketch I used

processing flowers

The code creates a petal with no stroke and an pastel fill color and then redraws the shape 3 times without a fill color.

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processing blob

Nikolaus Gradwohl2013-09-26T04:04:47+00:00

this sketch creates an animated blob by drawing 10 bouncing ellipses with random sizes two times at slightly different sizes to create an effect that looks similar to metaballs or lava-lamps, but can be computed very fast and easy.

Click on the picture to see it running or download the code


25-Minutes timer in processing

Nikolaus Gradwohl2013-09-20T05:13:51+00:00

I have written a small processing pomodoro timer. I used it to run on my Desktop but it should work in android- or javascript-mode too. you can download the pde file here if you want to use it too, to start a time slot just click on the sketch window.

pomodoro timer

neon lines in processing using a glsl filter

Nikolaus Gradwohl2013-08-19T07:47:18+00:00

I made a short processing script that draws sine curves and uses a glsl blur filter to add a neon effect


To create this effect you need a processing sketch drawing the curves and a glsl filter that adds the blur effect.

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endless pattern generator

Nikolaus Gradwohl2013-08-12T06:20:38+00:00

Back in my Atari computing days I was fascinated by the endless pattern generators that generated never repeating complex patterns on my screen. This is a processing sketch that recreates this effect

click on the sketch to generate a new pattern



Nikolaus Gradwohl2013-07-19T06:16:10+00:00

I created a new small processing sketch, cause I had to wait for someone and there was nothing else todo - well at least nothing else that I would have liked to do or that would have fit into that timeslot. Somehow this blogpost starts to get far more complicated than I intended it to be ...

I think you should just click on the image and rotate the rectangles ...


Day 25 of 30daysOfCreativity - a processing noisestar

Nikolaus Gradwohl2013-06-25T23:12:05+00:00

My Day 25 project for is a processing sketch that draws a star using the noise() method

click on the sketch to start it or to download the sourcecode

noise star

processing archflower

Nikolaus Gradwohl2013-05-31T06:17:17+00:00

My latest processing sketch uses the arc command to create flowers. I use 20 arcs and control their angle with the x axis of the mouse. The arcs grow at different speeds and on random sides of the flower to create the petals.

Click on the sketch to create a new flower and move the mouse to let it bloom.


first box of Processing 2 Creative Coding Hotshot arrived

Nikolaus Gradwohl2013-05-28T06:49:32+00:00

Oh! Look what the mailman brought me yesterday!

The first box of PHYSICAL COPIES on PAPER of my very first book Processing 2: Creative Coding Hotshot arrived!

book arrived