Ghost in 3D

Nikolaus Gradwohl2012-02-03T04:46:11+00:00

I used my drawing from yesterday to model a ghost in blender. I used a transparent hollow object as an obstacle for the smoke simulator - which was kind of tricky because you have to make sure the smoke-emitter is significant smaller than the obstacle or else the smoke particles get stuck in the obstacle

you can download the blend file here

a ghost made in blender


Nikolaus Gradwohl2012-02-01T05:48:08+00:00

I made another animation that uses the blender dynamic paint system. This time I used several dynamic paint canvases on the same plane to trigger a displacement, and mask a texture that changes the normals of my material.

The sounds are generated using puredata.

you can download the blend file here or download the puredata file here

grow pure data patch

Blender Cloth Simulation

Nikolaus Gradwohl2012-01-30T18:52:03+00:00

Today I played a bit with the blender cloth simulation.

you can download the blend file here

cloth simulation


Nikolaus Gradwohl2012-01-29T07:58:30+00:00

I rendered a virus in blender. I tried to recreate the look of a microscopic image by placing the light behind the object and making it translucent. I also added a very small depth of field.

you can download the blend file here

or a hires version of the image here


mask in blender

Nikolaus Gradwohl2012-01-28T16:54:58+00:00

I modelled a mask in blender today

You can download the blender file here

I also added a hi-res render here


Wobbly Sphere

Nikolaus Gradwohl2012-01-26T21:25:37+00:00

I just played with animating a displacement modifiers in blender today This is also the first blender animation I made that has sound. The sounds have been generated with pure-data and then synced to the video using ardour

you can download the blend file here

animated displacement modifier

night scene with trees

Nikolaus Gradwohl2012-01-23T05:25:23+00:00

I made a blender render of a night scene with some tree siluettes and a little hut with lit window.

you can download the blender file or you can download a hires version of the image



Nikolaus Gradwohl2012-01-21T08:05:34+00:00

I rendered some stones im blender for my Desktop background image you can download the blender file

or if you don't want it to render yourself you can also download a hires version of the image


lens-distortion and boids in blender

Nikolaus Gradwohl2012-01-20T07:42:06+00:00

I have written many boid simulations, but I haven't used the blender particle system for it - until now. I wanted to test the lens-distortion node from the compositor and needed a test-scene so I set up a particle system with boid simulation and a little turbulence field

you can download the blend file here

lens distortion

four seasons

Nikolaus Gradwohl2012-01-19T05:54:46+00:00

I played a bit with the Sapling plugin for blender (which can be activated under "UserPreferences->Addons->Add Curve"). This plugin alows you to generate really nice trees in blender by defining how many branches/leafes/which angles/etc your tree should have.

I used it to generate a tree and generated a four seasons gallery by changing the leaf textures and the colors of the scene. For the autumn picture I generated a particle system which adds a particle for every leaf and makes them fall down.

I have 4 blender files to download this time spring, summer, autumn and winter

I also uploaded the leaf-textures for the spring leaf, the summer leaf and the autumn leaf