Synth.BT Kickstarter

Nikolaus Gradwohl2020-01-06T09:45:12+00:00

When I was playing with my mother32 and dfam the last time I ran out of mults and started to research passive utilitie modules for my modular - especially diy options but I didn't build them - I ran into this kickstarter project by Robert Jordan and backed it instead :-)



can't wait for them to arrive :-)

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sorting drawing supplies

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-10-17T04:25:49+00:00

Well - initially i just wanted to check if all my pens still work or if i need to replace some - then i also checked all my pencils and markers and then i started doodeling around and then 2 hours later ...

sorting doodle

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New Track - Waves of Thought Pt 1

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-10-15T05:37:02+00:00

waves of thought running through my mind as i try to sit and concentrate

Waves of Thought Pt 1

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de jong attractor

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-10-01T06:06:30+00:00

I've been experimenting with strange attractors lately and this is one of the processing sketches I created - showing a animated version of the de jong attractor


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Ronin experiment 21 - morphing lissajous states

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-08-12T04:52:36+00:00

this visualizer written in ronin morphes between states of a lissajous figure in sync with the music.

I transition between the states by interpolating the state variables linear over a time periode that is in sync with 4 bars of the music.

lissajous states

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ronin experiment 20 - transform flower

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-08-05T04:16:41+00:00

I used the new transform:.. commands to create an animated flower.

press Ctrl-Shift-H to hide the guide lines

transform flower

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ronin experiment 19 - Sonic Pi visualizer

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-08-04T04:04:04+00:00

I created a short sonic pi session and wrote a visualizer for it in ronin. Sonic pi sends osc messages that change the amplitude, frequency and decay time of the sine wave based on the bass sound and triggers random colored circles when the pad sound is played


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Ronin experiment 18 - Rainbow

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-08-03T09:04:10+00:00

Since the HSL color command is back in ronin, I created a rainbow. Also experimented with the svg paths for the first time


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Ronin experiment 17 - boids

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-08-02T02:38:25+00:00

I have written several implementation of craig rainolds boids in languages like processing or openframeworks, so I had to give it a try in ronin as well. Especially since the original implementation was done in common lisp :-)


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Ronin experiment 16 - 3D box

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-08-01T09:22:14+00:00

For this animation I pushed ronin to the next dimension and created a rotating 3D box

3D box

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