Ronin experiment 18 - Rainbow

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-08-03T09:04:10+00:00

Since the HSL color command is back in ronin, I created a rainbow. Also experimented with the svg paths for the first time


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Ronin experiment 17 - boids

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-08-02T02:38:25+00:00

I have written several implementation of craig rainolds boids in languages like processing or openframeworks, so I had to give it a try in ronin as well. Especially since the original implementation was done in common lisp :-)


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Ronin experiment 16 - 3D box

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-08-01T09:22:14+00:00

For this animation I pushed ronin to the next dimension and created a rotating 3D box

3D box

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Ronin experiment 15 - particles

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-07-31T04:47:32+00:00

I have worked with particle systems a lot in processing, openframeworks and blender, so I had to experiment with one in ronin, exploring how particle states can be calculated in ronins lisp dialect.

particle system

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Ronin experiment 14 - neon ellipses

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-07-30T07:38:46+00:00

For this animation I used the new ellipse command in ronin and created some retro style neon vector line art

The neon line was created by drawing the shape twice first with a higher line width and a low opacity then again with a linewidth of 1 and full opacity to add the glow around the line

neon ellipses

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Ronin experiment 13 - color flower

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-07-29T08:53:21+00:00

I added two commands to the ronin library for creating colors (rgba ..) and (hsla ..), now it is a lot easier to animate colors or choose them programmatically

color flower

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Ronin experiment 12 - traces of a restless ghost

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-07-28T03:28:33+00:00

I created a fractal using a recursive function and animated the rotation angles

animated recursion

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Ronin experiment 11 - traces of a restless ghost

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-07-27T06:30:56+00:00

I worte a ronin script that traces the paths of a restless ghost trying to figure a way out of the screen

ghost traces

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Ronin experiment 10 - morphing colors

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-07-26T05:40:26+00:00

I created some rotating flower shapes to create layers of colors that slowly mix into a colorfull circle similar to batik t-shirts from the 60's

morphing colors

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ronin experiment 9 - ghost trees

Nikolaus Gradwohl2019-07-25T06:47:13+00:00

I created some translucent recursive trees that fade away to the right using ronin

ghost trees

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