animated mesh of an icosphere

Nikolaus Gradwohl2018-10-31T02:18:35+00:00

I created a set of splines using the animation nodes vertices-to-spline node and then animated it with a builder modifier in blender

you can download the blend file here

Building an ico sphere

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Arduino based Midi Trigger box for analog synths

Nikolaus Gradwohl2018-09-14T07:11:26+00:00

I usually control my volca and the Mother32 via midi and create sequences using Bitwig studio or Sonic Pi but I wanted to use the build in sequencers to create a more hands-on feeling and simplify loop creation while jamming but haven't found a satisfying what to synchronize the sequencers to each other and to my computer

I considered buying a bastl klick - but I would need several of them to control different synths at different clock-rates and I would have to sacrifice several audio outs to control them.

So I build a midi-trigger system using an arduino that allows me to send trigger signals to 4 devices using midi note-on signals. Now I can run the sequencers of my devices at different clock rates allowing me to use longer or shorter sequences or create different rhythms by sending trigger signals with different note lengths to the DFAM. Sort of like a clock-divider on steroids combined with a sequenceable trigger pulse.


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Sonic Pi beatslicing livecoding session

Nikolaus Gradwohl2018-06-23T17:47:10+00:00

this is the recording of a SonicPi Livecoding session made from 2 sample loops sliced and rearranged in different ways

for the drum sounds I used a drumloop sliced it into 32 peaces each 1% the length of the original loop. Each click is chosen at random from the ring created by the line command.

n = 32
l = 0.01
s =  line(0, 1, steps: n+1).choose
f = [1,s + l].min

sample "drumloop.wav", beat_stretch: 16, start: s, finish: f

The samples are triggered at a given 16th slot with a changeable probability.

the e-piano loop is played back at different speeds chosen from an array using [1,-1,0.5, -0.5, 0.75, -0.75].choose and placed at a random position in the stereofield using a :pan fx

Sonic Pi Beatslicing session

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New Song - A Target you can't see

Nikolaus Gradwohl2018-06-19T06:49:45+00:00

a repeating yet ever changing 10 note pattern creating a world for the melody to live in

A Target you can't see

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Welcome Lil Erebus

Nikolaus Gradwohl2018-06-11T19:33:30+00:00

I build the Erebus Lil DIY kit by dreadbox this weekend - after 6 hours of soldering estimated 100000 components on very very tiny solder pads on saturday, I spent 8 hours on sunday searching for the one cold solder joint :-/

But everything is working fine now and here is a first short jam with my new synth - enjoy!

Lil Erebus

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AN Experiment 2018 Test 13 - create mesh

Nikolaus Gradwohl2018-06-04T06:45:42+00:00

For this animation node experiment I created a mesh from scratch only using Nodes. I made a spiral of vertices and projected them onto a sphere. I animated the length of the curve and the radius unsing AnimateFloat-Nodes. Then I added lists of edge- and face indices interating over the vertex list in some nested loops.

you can download the blend file here

create mesh

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AN Experiment 2018 Test 12 - Metaball noise

Nikolaus Gradwohl2018-06-01T06:41:22+00:00

For this Animation Node experiment I created Metaballs changing their size depending on their position in a noisefield

you can download the blend file here

Metaball noise field

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AN Experiment 2018 Test 11 - trace vertex

Nikolaus Gradwohl2018-05-29T06:38:55+00:00

For this animation nodes experiment I used a technique for tracing particles or vertices presented by Omar Ahmad on stackexchange that uses python script object to store a list of all the coordinates of the previous frames in a python object - I really like this idea.

you can download the blend file here


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New Song - Turn into a Tune

Nikolaus Gradwohl2018-05-22T07:01:38+00:00

A song starting as a simple arpeggio slowly evolving into a tune

Recorded and Mixed in Bitwig Studio drums are from a volca beats and sample, pads from streichfett and blofeld. The synth sound are from bitwigs polysynth and a 0-Coast


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AN Experiment 2018 Test 10 - dual mesh

Nikolaus Gradwohl2018-05-15T07:04:59+00:00

For this animation node experiment i created the dual mesh of an ico sphere by connecting the face centers and animated it using a displacement modifier

you can download the blend file here


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