Retro-3D-Neon-LineGrid in processing

Nikolaus Gradwohl2010-09-02T06:07:21+00:00

I made some aimated neon 3d linegrid in processing, very retro-style.

It uses no openGL - only lines, just as i would have coded it in Basic on my Atari :-)

click here to see it!

retro 3d neon linegrid

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Calling R from Processing

Nikolaus Gradwohl2010-08-10T20:31:01+00:00

Processing is a simple and powerfull programming language to create images, animation and interaction.

R is a powerfull free software environment for statistical computing.

For me this sounds like a perfect match. This is a short howto that shows how these two languages can comunicate with each other.

On the R-Side I use the Rserve extension, which can be installed by calling


from within the R environment.

By calling


from within the R, you can start a serverprocess that accepts commands on a network socket and can be used by a javaclient to execute R commands.


In the processing sketch we need to add the two jar files of the javaclient that can be downloaded at the Rserve download page

just add the jar files to the sketch using "Add file ..." from the "Sketch"-Menu.

Now we can use the REngine class to execute some R code in the server process and ask R to return the calculated data

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raining processing sketch

Nikolaus Gradwohl2010-08-08T16:57:27+00:00

My latests simple but useless processing sketch was inspired by the weather we had last week :-/

click here to see it in action


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how to use the mousewheel in processing

Nikolaus Gradwohl2010-08-01T20:16:38+00:00

Mouse-events like move, drag or click are very simple to implement in processing. Only the mouse-wheel needs some special handling.

To get the mouseWheel events in processing the sketch needs to register a mouseWheelListener int the setup method

void setup() {
  addMouseWheelListener(new java.awt.event.MouseWheelListener() { 
    public void mouseWheelMoved(java.awt.event.MouseWheelEvent evt) { 

and then a handler function that gets called by the listener every time the mousewheel is triggered

void mouseWheel(int delta) {

The value of delta indicates the direction and the speed by which that scroll-wheel has been turned.

Click here to see an applet that implements the callback function and zooms some rects.

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How to make fireworks, fountains, etc in processing

Nikolaus Gradwohl2010-07-02T05:57:00+00:00

Particle effects look very fancy but are actually very easy to implement in processing. This is a small tutoral that shows how. The particle effect implemented here is 2-Dimentional but the same principles can be applied to a 3D version.


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Day 30 of 30daysofcreativity

Nikolaus Gradwohl2010-07-01T18:10:00+00:00

My Day 30 Project for 30daysofcreativity is a little processing firework

click here to see it in action

Day 30

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Processing SpaceShooter ported to Processing.js

Nikolaus Gradwohl2010-06-29T19:45:00+00:00

I just proted the example programm from my processing tutorial to processing.js. I only had to remove the private keywords from my classes and change tiny bits here and there. But i was really surprised how well everything went

click here to give it a try


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dropshadow in processing

Nikolaus Gradwohl2010-06-29T05:16:00+00:00

I made a little "workflow"-diagram, that draws boxes with a little dropshadow. I do this by calling a paint method that does all the drawing. Then I apply a blur filter and shift the whole image slightly to the upper right. Then the paint method is called again, and draws the boxes, arrows, and text entries.

click here to run the applet and download the sourcecode.


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Custom Cookie Cutters for the Makerbot

Nikolaus Gradwohl2010-06-27T19:34:00+00:00


there is a new version of the CookieCutter-Editor!

Recently some very awsome cookiecutter-designs started to show up on thingiverse (like the escher cookie cutter or the jigsaw cookie cutter, and many more) (and one of the local radiostations has played "last cristmas", because it's only 6 months till x-mas O_o )

So i thought about how the generation of such custom cookie cutters could be simplified and i developed a custom cookie cutter generator in processing.

Click here to download the processing sketch.

Basically it's a very very simple vector graphic programm, where you can design the cookie form you want to have. to export the design as a stl file press the letter 'e'

this is my day 26 project for 30daysofcreativity

This is what the cookie-cutter-editor looks like


This is what the generated stl file looks like

cookie-cutter in blender

And this is what the printed cookie-cutter looks like (still have to fiddle around with my skeinforge settings a bit)


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Processing aquarium

Nikolaus Gradwohl2010-06-23T17:03:00+00:00

This is a little aquarium i made, using an image my daughter has drawn. So the creds for the artwork go to mona, i did just the coding

this is my/our Day 23 Project for 30daysofcreativity

click here to see it in action


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